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Video 1 Download (2.48 GB)         Duration: 1 hr 56 min Download Video 1

In this video (taken on Aug 27, 1990 by Richard Dowling), Dr. Minovitch explains how he discovered his planet-vehicle orbital energy exchange equation (which was a new equation in Celestial Mechanics) which he used to numerically solve the famous unsolved Restricted Three Body Problem for motion through the Solar System. He then goes on to explain how he applied his solution of the Three-Body-Problem serially to determine the trajectory of a free-fall space vehicle that uses the energy exchanges (via his energy exchange equation) at each planet to gravitationally catapult the vehicle from one planet to another at high speeds throughout the entire Solar System without using any rocket propulsion that was a completely unknown problem many time more difficult than numerically solving the famous unsolved Three Body Problem. This is how it became possible to break the high energy barrier of the classical theory of space travel based on the theory of reaction propulsion using Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion and explore the entire Solar System previously believed to be impossible without the development of advanced nuclear propulsion systems that turned out to be beyond engineering feasibility.

Video 2 Download (3.60 GB)         Duration: 2 hr 21 min Download Video 2

This video was taken of Minovitch’s presentation of the 3rd IAF paper at the 50th International Astronautical Congress in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Oct 4-8, 1999. In this talk, Minovitch presents the archival evidence proving that previous to his invention, it was believed that the exploration of most of the Solar System was a technical impossibility because the believed-to-be required nuclear propulsion systems could not be developed. He also presents the archival evidence proving that all prior designs of multiplanetary trajectories were based on canceling out the effects of planetary gravitational perturbations, thereby proving that he invented gravity propelled interplanetary space travel popularly known as “gravity-assist trajectories”.

Minovitch also shows that certain individuals from JPL did not like the history of his revolutionary invention that opened up the entire Solar System to exploration and have, for almost 50 years, been trying to change it by knowingly publishing false information in the professional literature claiming that others anticipated the invention before Minovitch. Since the invention could not have been achieved without solving a mathematical problem many times more difficult than the famous Restricted Three Body Problem of celestial mechanics which did not occur prior to Minovitch, the logical effect and implications of all these false JPL publications discredits all of the information that JPL has been publishing about everything in the professional literature.

This video also presents the conclusive mathematical evidence proving Minovitch is the inventor which is a fact independent of whether or not he ever receives any “official award” for it by those who control the professional societies. The mathematical evidenced has been published in his 2010 paper, “The Invention that Opened The Solar System to Exploration,” published in the journal Planetary and Space Science, and the archival evidence has been published in the three IAF papers (that can be downloaded from the Articles Gallery) by the American Astronautical Society (AAS), in History of Rocketry and Astronautics Series, for which Minovitch is very grateful

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